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How to Become a Data Engineer in 2020?

Who’s the data engineer and what do they do?

Data engineers are the Jedi Knights of data science. They rely on a blend of analysis, wisdom, experience, and judgment to make key decisions for a company’s success. A data engineer is a self-starter who is inspired to complete more than your usual number of tasks.

Data engineers are the ones to take things further up the data science pipeline. They use the data architects’ work as a steppingstone and then pre-processes the available data. These are the people who ensure the data is clean and organized and ready for the analysts to take over.

Data engineers also implement complex, large scale big data projects with a focus on collecting, managing, analyzing and visualizing large data sets. They are also the ones who turn raw data into insights using various tool sets, techniques, and cloud-based platforms.

That said, for a data engineer, knowledge of data modeling for both data warehousing and Big Data is a must, along with experience in the Big Data space (Hadoop Stack like M/R, HDFS, Pig, Hive, etc.). Of course, the ability to write, analyze, and debug SQL queries will helps the aspiring data engineer score high on any employer’s recruitment list.

In terms of soft skills, they are great team-players. A data engineer knows how to actively collaborate with data scientists and executives to build solutions and platforms that meet, or even exceed a company’s business needs…

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