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How to Become a Data Analyst Intern in 2020

How to Become a Data Analyst Intern? In this 365 Data Science special we’ll talk about one of the best ways to start a career in the field of analytics and data science if you don’t have any prior working experience. That’s right – we’ll talk about starting off as a data analyst intern.

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How to Become a Data Analyst Intern

Who is the data analyst intern exactly?

This is an entry-level position, playing an auxiliary role in the analytics department of a company. That means they support both data analysts and data scientists in their projects by performing various data mining or data quality tasks. Data analyst interns are usually assigned to a data analyst or a data scientist who provides them with mentorship and technical guidance throughout the internship. Yet sometimes, a data analyst intern is part of a team and has pre-defined duties. That’s the flash presentation of the data analyst intern role. But to really understand what it means to be a data analyst intern, do watch the video. Also we just want to remind you that there are plenty of amazing career opportunities you can explore within the field of data science and data analytics, such as:

• Machine Learning Engineer

• Business Analyst • Marketing Analyst

• Research Analyst


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