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What are the benefits of blockchain bridges?

There are many benefits to using blockchain bridges. For example, a DApp developer using Ethereum frequently suffers issues with poor user experience due to slow transaction processing speed and expensive gas fees during times of high traffic and congestion.

By using a bridge, they can send their token onto another blockchain for processing at a higher speed and a lower cost. This means that the developer can continue to run their DApp on Ethereum, using ERC-20 token standards and tapping into Ethereum’s vibrant developer and user community.

Both blockchain ecosystems also benefit from developers using the bridge. It reduces network traffic on Ethereum by dispersing it over other, less congested blockchains, thus going some way to solving Ethereum’s ongoing scalability challenges. The other blockchain gains exposure to — and adoption by — the Ethereum community.

Use cases for a bridge could include instant payments at point of sale, which has so far been virtually impossible given the scalability challenges of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH). Bridges could also prove useful for DApps needing instant settlement for a seamless user experience, such as casino games.

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